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I grew up during the early transition from an analogue world to the digital one we are living in now. I really believe that this particular fact had a strong impact on me, as I develop an artistic practice combining these two worlds.

For me, any experience can be the starting point for a work: visiting an exhibition, reading a book, listening to a song, or surfing the internet. When something shocks me, I try to understand why. Then, I search for conceptual and aesthetical information related with the main issue by employing an associative method and resorting to different sources.

I work with pictures, texts and objects that are already made. Occasionally, I reproduce the original references by painting; however, I usually mix and modify them earlier. I utilize different software and strategies to design my works, such as juxtaposing, overlapping and/or introducing pictures into pre-existing structures like websites. Then, I transfer the digital designs to the real world via painting, although I also explore other possibilities like making three-dimensional works and installations.

My works express my reflections and questions about intrinsic picture matters (f. e. production, dissemination, consumption, perception, truthfulness, originality and reproducibility) and their relationship with western culture (f. e. desire, propriety, privacy, censorship, instantaneity and loneliness).

Everyone is influenced by the representations of reality as well as by the media through which we perceive them. I consider that both strongly determine our way of comprehending and acting in our environments. This is why, through my works, I want to provide new insights in our way of seeing and understanding art and, consequently, the world.