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El Inmaculado Corazón

El Inmaculado Corazón
The Immaculate Heart
Acrylic and enamel on canvas
50 x 50 cm


This painting reproduces a fragment from a screenshot of an online gallery (‘Galería online’). Like its title suggest, the person depicted should be an ‘Immaculate Heart’. Nonetheless, the traditional-style portrait seems to be desecrated with Pollock-like drippings of paint. So… is she really a saint?

We can try to identify her behind the paint drops, or by getting closer with our gaze to her face, because the buttons to enlarge and reduce the image won’t function as they are also painted. If we succeed, a mixed feeling may arise, as the model for the picture is Amarna Miller: an internationally acclaimed porn star actress from Spain.

In the end, the artist updates an old strategy used by other painters like Caravaggio and Manet, confronting spirituality, sexuality, pride and shame. Here, in the context of the digital age.